At our house, dogs are people too (you could say we're dog obsessed). Dog hair is a wardrobe staple, we are convinced that they can understand us when we speak, and our favorite part about coming home is the ferocious tail wagging.

Pearls for Pups is a mother-daughter non-profit 501(c)(3) started in the pursuit of helping rescues save as many lives as possible. Having two rescue pups in our own family, we feel the need to do our part. We see so many rescues and rescue advocates doing amazing work, and we want to help them continue to be a miracle for dogs. We hand make the earrings ourselves with love, and sincerely appreciate every purchase!

Our rescue pup, Chapel, is the inspiration behind the Pearls for Pups Co. movement. What initially started as making and selling a few pairs of earrings to raise money for local shelters has grown into a full-blown passion project; this is what we do in the hours after our “real jobs,” and although it takes an enormous amount of effort it never feels like work.

We partner with organizations to help them fulfill their missions, from providing veterinary care to finding forever homes for abandoned dogs, all with a focus on ending pet homelessness. Our partner organizations include dog rescues, shelters, adoption centers and clinics making low cost veterinary services widely available. Our ability to donate 100% of net proceeds aids these organizations in achieving their mission. At the end of the day, our true purpose is to better the lives of pets and their people - because life is better with a dog!

Rescue on.

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