Info Cards

Do orders come with informational cards? They sure do! Each order comes with a card that explains the mission of Pearls for Pups Co. - perfect for gift giving!

Return Policy

Can I return or exchange my pearls? Due to the nature of the non-profit, we generally will only accept returns or exchanges due to a product or order fulfillment error. Once funds from purchases have been donated it is difficult for us to process refunds. Please choose your jewelry carefully and be aware of the sizing. Please email us at with any questions prior to placing your order and we will happily assist. In the event of an exchange, you are responsible for shipping costs.

Pearl Sizes

What is the sizing difference between the 8mm and 12mm pearls? Our 8mm pearl studs are a more petite, classic size. The 12mm studs make more of a statement, but are entirely adorable (and very popular). Both are perfect for everyday wear! You simply can't go wrong with pearls - in either size. Both size studs come with our gold-plated comfort backings that help secure the pearls and keep them from tilting. 

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Sensitive Ears

Are your earring posts nickel free? Our sterling silver pearl earrings are nickel free; we recommend these for sensitive lobes! Our gold plating does contain nickel.


Do you have a wholesale option for your earrings? We’ve thought long and hard about this one, and decided not to offer wholesale for a few reasons. Most importantly, these earrings are made for non-profit purposes; if we were to wholesale them to businesses for resale, that business would profit from our product, and that just doesn’t feel right to us!

Bulk Pricing

I want to place a very large order! Do you offer a discount for bulk purchases? We have had a few requests for very large orders for bridal parties, showers, etc. and will honor a 10% discount on orders over $500. Please note this is not to be confused with a wholesale discount - our earrings are not to be resold.

Tax Deductions

Can I deduct my purchase on my taxes? Unfortunately since your charitable contribution is in exchange for goods that are priced at fair market value you are unable to deduct your purchase on your taxes. However, any donation made separately from a purchase (where no goods are exchanged) is 100% tax deductible! Click the donate button on our website or visit here to contribute.

Rescue Request

How do I request a fundraiser on behalf of a rescue or for my rescue? Visit our Collaborate page, fill out the form and we'll get back to you!