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Almost Home Dog Rescue Fundraiser for Lexi

Lexi is diabetic, and when her previous owners did not medicate her properly she developed vision issues. She was given away to a neighbor, brought into a shelter, moved to a foster home - all while blind and sick from lack of insulin and scared.  Isn't it Lexi's time to take back some of her life?  Almost Home Rescue has the opportunity to give Lexi the gift of sight! Her new foster mom has regulated her insulin, put some much needed weight back on her, and she is ready to get her sight back. Please shop with us to fundraise for the heavily discounted cost of her surgery, which is still $5000.00. This surgery will give Lexi back a little control and comfort in her otherwise tumultuous life.  Her insulin is regulated, she's in a loving foster home with toy, pals, and food, let's let her see again!