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SNARR Northeast Fundraiser

Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation saves the toughest dogs to place; those with serious medical conditions, paralyzed dogs, deaf and blind dogs, severely emaciated dogs, dogs with neurological deficits & disease, dogs with injuries and orthopedic issues - the animals that nobody else wants; the dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. The 501(c)3 rescue has since saved countless animals.

“We are a smaller rescue, with BIG hearts and we do our best to make each dog feel as though they are someone’s pet. We do not believe in pulling a dog from a shelter, only to put it in another shelter environment. Not only do we give these dogs a place to live, but we work diligently with them, socializing them, training them, rehabilitating them, and providing whatever extensive and costly medical care they require.”

SNARR Northeast pulls dogs from high kill shelters all over the country with a focus on the local NYC, NJ and surrounding area shelters. Although the title speaks for itself as “Special Needs”, SNARR also saves perfectly healthy dogs as well. The rescue is not picky, as long as they can figure out a safe, responsible home for an animal to be placed.

Big, small, thin, fat, young, old, healthy or sick, SNARR will do their best.