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The HOWS Project Fundraiser

Sometimes we come across an organization that is a little different than a typical dog rescue and we're blown away by the concept. Enter The HOWS Project, a project of Voices for Animals.

HOWS stands for Houses of Wood & Straw, and the HOWS Project is a community service project which exists to construct wooden dog houses and deliver them, along with bales of straw bedding and other essential items, to outside dogs in Charlottesville and surrounding counties in need of more appropriate outdoor shelter.

Not all dogs get the opportunity to regularly share the indoors with their guardian, and while The HOWS Project believes that all dogs should be - and need to be - allowed inside, they realize that, unfortunately, too many dogs find themselves outside alone, at the end of a chain or in a tiny pen, and without appropriate shelter. 

The HOWS Project strives to educate people about the needs of dogs; and, for those dogs who must spend much or all of their time outside, they provide more comfortable shelter than what they would have had otherwise. HOWS recipients from current and past years, and other dogs that we encounter on our journeys, receive bales of straw bedding each fall/winter season; and other items such as water buckets, food bowls, nylon collars, leashes, and swivels to keep tethers from kinking are distributed as needed. Hundreds of dogs have benefited from their services, and we want to help them keep as many dogs comfortable during this cold winter season as we can!

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