We want to be transparent about our costs and what we give back!

Fundraisers: During fundraisers earmarked for a specific rescue, we donate 80% of the sale price of each earring (excluding shipping cost) minus credit card fees. Credit card fees are 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction. Shipping costs are considered pass through. 20% of the sale price is retained in order to purchase supplies to restock for future fundraisers. The 20% accounts for materials cost, so we keep just enough to cover the cost of supplies.

Overall Budget: Throughout the year, approximately 55% of total revenue is donated directly to rescues and shelters across the United States. Some revenue from purchases outside of our fundraisers is utilized for other expenses - these costs are not factored into our fundraiser costs because we want to give as much back to rescues from those earmarked events as possible. However, in order to operate we incur website hosting costs, accounting software costs, advertising and promotional item costs, and general office supply costs. Our goal, always, is to maximize margins so that as much is donated as possible while keeping costs low.

Check out our full list of donations below to see where Pearls for Pups Co. has helped rescues save lives.

Curious how your purchases are helping us make an impact? See below!

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Our $5 Friday fundraisers generate donations directly to rescues, and we simply donate earrings.

Check out what our $5 Friday fundraisers have helped rescues raise below:

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